Is AMZ Formula Legit? (My Review of AMZTogether)

I’ve been looking at AMZ Formula and a lot of these high ticket sales funnels that sell training courses in lots of different areas of online business and this one’s about selling via the Amazon FBA platform.

In this review of AMZ Formula I will look at what you get with the course and also the sales funnel that Joshua Crisp has put together to sell the program.

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AMZ Formula Review

I recently did another review video on AMZTogether and AMZ Formula is basically the product that the AMZ Together sales funnel promotes via the website.

They’ve got a lead capture page for entering your email address and then you go to a webinar style presentation.

It is a mini webinar with a sales page and AMZ Formula testimonials about the product.

There’s two different sales funnels to promote to the AMZ Formula product: one is the new AMZ Together sales funnel with the mini webinar process and then the previous main one which was going via the AMZFormula website.

AMZ Formula – The Business Model

AMZ Formula is using the Amazon FBA method to source products in bulk from companies (usually based in China, because you can get some low-cost deals there), ship them in and send the products to the Amazon Marketplace to fulfill the orders on your behalf.

You don’t actually have to store the products yourself in your own house or your own warehouse.

You send them directly to Amazon and Amazon will actually send the product to the customer.

The listing will be on the Amazon website so it’s like Amazon is selling a product for you, but you just give them the product to sell.

That’s how the Amazon FBA platform works. You’re tapping into the existing authority and audience that Amazon has, except they’re selling your products.

The profit you earn is going to be the difference between what you pay for the products and the amount Amazon sells it.

It’s not going to be a huge profit margin though. It depends how well you do sourcing of your products from China or from other wholesale companies and that’s what AMZ Formula will teach you.

They go through how to buy the products at really low cost to try and maximize the profit margin as much as possible.

I have looked at other courses recently that are using a similar business model as in my EcomBabe Review and post about Rapid Profit Package. My latest review covers a local lead gen approach with Digital Tentmaking.

AMZ Formula Course – Marketing Training

They also cover different marketing methods, which is really good to see.

It’s not just about selling the product on the Amazon listing and then just letting them do everything and not doing anything else yourself.

AMZ Formula show you how to be proactive and get traffic via your own marketing methods, such as use your listings in such a way you can rank the listing on the the Google search engine.

Amazon ranks really well on Google if you choose the right keywords to help you with keyword research.

You are also shown how to do paid advertising to your Amazon listings and how to do other social media approaches and paid advertising methods.

I like the fact you are encouraged to be proactive and promote your Amazon listing and not just let Amazon take care of everything for you. Even though they will do a big bulk of the work by fulfilling the order.

AMZ Formula Customer Testimonials

There is a lot of positive AMZ Formula reviews on the website which is good to see.

Obviously they can hand pick the best reviews so these aren’t going to be the typical customer.

The typical customer is not going to get these really excellent results, but it’s always good to see some transparency and some real video testimonials of people who’ve used the course and how they’re getting real results.

There are Facebook AMZ Formula testimonial screenshots, which is good to see for transparency.

The AMZ Formula course has Facebook masterminds and chat rooms so there’s a good bit of accountability and support after purchase.

You’re not just given information and expected to go away and do it all yourself. You actually get help, community and support surrounding it.

How Much Does AMZ Formula Cost?

AMZ Formula is a high ticket course that costs around a thousand dollars or so. I

It’s not going be everyone with that high ticket amount, but that is actually quite a decent price for some of these high ticket training courses I’ve seen nowadays.

A lot of other courses like this cost around $5,000, so one thousand dollars is actually a competitive price and quite a low price compared to a lot of these high ticket training courses.

Joshua Crisp and the AMZ Formula YouTube Channel

The creator of the AMZ Formula course, Joshua Crisp, has his own successful YouTube channel, which is another trend I’ve noticed. A lot of these YouTube influencers who have already built successful YouTube channels are choosing to monetize their content with high ticket training courses.

They don’t need to be a big Guru themselves to sell products. They simply need to have a certain level of authority with their YouTube audience and have gained a mid-level following and they can then launch their own high ticket products and really monetize that YouTube channel effectively.

In the whole online business world that’s a really excellent way to generate a profit, is by selling your own products and courses.

Where as other YouTubers will just earn pennies per thousands of views. They’ll need to get thousands and thousands of viewers just to earn a few dollars, but the ones who have got their own course can simply do a call to action to a high ticket webinar sales funnel for their own product.

AMZ Formula Review Summary

With high ticket courses like AMZ Formula, I am almost more interested in seeing the sales funnel process they’ve put together than the actual product they are selling.

I like to study how they’re creating the sales page using ClickFunnels, generating the traffic, capturing leads, and sending them to a high converting, high paying webinar video.

AMZTogether looks like a really good sales funnel and Joshua Crisp has won awards from ClickFunnels. This funnel is obviously working well for him.

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