Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program – Legit Commissions?

In my recent Legendary Marketer review, I got the impression that you had to purchase the products you wanted to promote as an affiliate first in order to qualify for resale rights as part of the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

I thought that you’d get paid less commissions as part of the affiliate program if you had not first purchased the products.

I think that may have been a mistake and I may have gotten confused with the way the Legendary Marketer referral program works, so I thought I’d do a second post on the Legendary Marketer affiliate program to clear that up a bit.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer and I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, so I have seen lots of these type of programs come and go.

There I hope my thoughts on the affiliate program for Legendary Marketer will be of help to you!

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Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program – Purchase Requirements?

The reason I got confused about the commission structure with the Legendary Marketer affiliate program was because the website states that the payouts are between 30% and 60% commissions.

I thought that meant you got 30% commissions if you were not a customer of the products and if you upgraded to purchase the products first then you were bumped up to 60% commissions.

That’s not the case. It is simply a different commission structure depending on what product you are promoting.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Commission Percentages

The lower commission products of 30% commissions are The Mastermind and Coaching Offers. They’re the high ticket programs and then you’ve got the the subscriptions to the monthly basic level Legendary Marketer training which pays out at the higher rate of 60% commissions.

The reason the subscriptions and basic training costs less is because it’s just a digital product and you access it by logging into the members area. There’s no overhead so they can afford to pay higher commissions.

The reason the more in-depth coaching gets lower commissions for the affiliate is because these are done in-person so there is more overhead associated with in-person training such as hiring a venue.

So the more personalized training courses pay out less commissions because there’s more overhead.

But the product cost for the more in-depth coaching is High Ticket, so you still earn big commissions for selling those items as an affiliate.

On the Legendary Marketer affiliate referral page they break down the commission structure for every single product.

For the the main $30/month Legendary Marketers Club product you get paid $18 a month as an affiliate, and for one of the higher priced products, for example the $4,500 Mastermind, you get paid around $1,300 for that.

There’s also a business coaching course which is $9,500, which pays just under $3,000 in commissions.

That’s where the 30% to 60% commission amounts come in: it is 60% for the lower price products that are easier to deliver as part of an online members area, and the lower commission percentages are the higher ticket products with the more in-depth coaching.

Previous Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Purchase Requirements?

The reason I thought you had to purchase the products first to promote it because that in the past that seemed to be the case.

I found an archived page of the same affiliate application for Legendary Marketer and they have two separate commission levels. The basic level is where you’re a free affiliate and you don’t purchase the products and then the pro level when you where you are a paid member.

The include a comparison of the differences and they clearly lay out a different commission structure for the free members compared to the paid members.

The free affiliate members only got between 5% to 30% and the paid members got up to 60%.

Therefore in the past it seems that Legendary Marketer was clearly encouraging people to buy their products first in order to qualify for the resale rights.

But they seem to have moved away from that business model, because I think Legendary Marketer wants to be seen less as an MLM style business opportunity where you are reselling the same products you’ve just purchased (and you have to purchase the products to resell them) and into more of a standard affiliate marketing approach.

Legendary Marketing Affiliate Marketing Training

The affiliate marketing strategies that are taught are not just about reselling Legendary Marketer, but can be applied to anything else.

It looks like they’ve removed this requirement to be a paid member in order to get more commissions and that you can sign up as a Legendary Marketer for free.

I don’t know how the application process works though. Maybe if you are a free affiliate you have to prove that you’ve got some sort of track record before you can promote the products compared to a paid affiliate.

I’m not sure, but it’s good to see that they seem to have removed the purchase requirements.

Also, in the members area of Legendary Marketer there is other affiliate sources you can earn money from that’s outside Legendary Marketer.

This includes ClickFunnels and also the email autoresponder service provider.

Inside Legendary Marketer you can add your own ClickFunnels affiliate ID that is then hardcoded into the system.

So any people you refer to Legendary Marketer: if they go on to buy ClickFunnels or go on to buy an autoresponder account then you will also earn commissions for those as an affiliate.

That’s a pretty cool extra.

On the old page it seemed that you had to be a paid member to get those additional ClickFunnels commissions, but it looks like now you can still create an a free account and plug in your ClickFunnels user ID.

Summary Of Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

I think the difference between whether you want to buy the Legendary Marketer products before you promote them is how new you are to affiliate marketing.

If you’re brand new and you don’t know how to do affiliate marketing then the training products are going to be valuable because they’re going to teach you the strategies of how to go out there and do marketing, build an email list, convert website traffic into sales, and also the higher level coaching and product creation courses.

They want it to be where you want to buy the training to learn to be a better marketer, which will in turn mean you’ll get better results from the affiliate program at Legendary Marketer.

However, I think it should be optional and you should be able to promote the products without first buying them. Especially because some people will be experienced affiliate marketers and will already have lots of traffic and a big email list, so it’s a bit weird to make them buy the products first when they already have a good education under their belt.

I like the fact Legendary Marketer is moving more towards the affiliate marketing business model and less to do with the online resale rights business opportunity model like with Profits Passport and other systems.

I hope you got some value from my thoughts on the Legendary Marketer affiliate program and the various different levels and commission structures that they have in place.

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