Legendary Marketer Review – Affiliate Program Worth It?

Welcome to my Legendary Marketer review.

In my review of Legendary Marketer we will look at the David Sharpe affiliate marketing system and whether it is worth using or if it is just a pay-to-play scam to avoid? We look at customer feedback to help you research Legendary Marketer reviews.

David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer is an online business opportunity built around digital marketing training products.

You also have the option to resell these products as part of the Legendary Marketer affiliate program.

Lots of people are promoting this right now so I thought I’d do a review of the Legendary Marketer affiliate program.

This review is taken from my experience of 10 years working from home as a full-time internet marketer.

It’s a really cool way to generate an income online and if you want to discover my current number one recommended done-for-you system to plug into right now then be sure to visit the page below.

Legendary Marketer Review

My Legendary Marketer review reveals that this is a business opportunity is based around training products teaching about the affiliate marketing business model, as well as digital marketing in general.

The program advances onto higher ticket products on the back-end. These upgrades focus more on creating and selling your own products, creating your own coaching groups and masterminds, in-person training sessions etc.

In this Legendary Marketer Review we will first dive into the entry level product known as the 15 Day Challenge.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge

The entry level product to Legendary Marketer is via the 15 day challenge.

This is a low ticket $7 product and they really do pack a lot into that initial seven dollars. There’s 15 training modules to do, one per day.

15 Day Challenge teaches you everything from just the basics of how affiliate marketing works with free and paid traffic and how you can build your social media following with different advertising templates.

Legendary Marketer’s 15 Day Challenge program also highlights the advantage of high ticket affiliate programs, so the aim of the $7 product is just to show that the company is legitimate, that they’ve got good training and can deliver the goods.

There’s also a subtle pre-selling approach to this, where they’re warming you up to the idea of the benefit of high ticket products  in general. And then on the back end they will invite you to buy more expensive products and to qualify for the resale rights to them so you can earn big ticket commissions by promoting the Legendary Marketer system as an affiliate.

Legendary Marketer teaches you how to create your own high ticket sales funnel to sell high ticket coaching courses, as you get to the more advanced stage.

It does look like a very cool business opportunity and they do do a really good job by delivering the goods in the initial front end offer, but this is just the entrance to an overall sales funnel which will include high ticket products on the back end.

I looked at another high ticket affiliate sales funnel as part of my review of Profits Passport.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

With the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program most people will be making money by reselling Legendary Marketer itself as though it’s an online business opportunity, rather than applying the training to promote other stuff such as the Affiliate Advertising Club launch.

Well, that’s when people first get started anyway. However I do see value in the products because they are generic internet marketing training that can can be applied to anything else (even though most people will probably choose to just resell the same opportunity), but if this company was to go out of business or people were to change their business model around…then they could still use this training to promote other projects.

Therefore there is value with this training if applied outside of just promoting the business opportunity itself. That’s what I like to see with these sort of things.

To qualify to resell this you need to be an affiliate of the program, but it did not start out as a completely free affiliate program as you needed to have purchase the products you want to resell first in order to qualify for the highest amount of commissions.

However, now they have updated the Legendary Marketer affiliate application page to let anyone promote the products for the same full commissions, whether they are a free or paid member which is good to see.

The commission percentages are around 60% for the lower ticket items such as 15 Day Challenge and the $30/month training. Then the more personal coaching and mastermind offers are around 30% to 40% commissions due to the additional overhead in providing this more unique training.

Legendary Marketer Coaches and Telephone Sales Team

With several other high ticket business opportunity courses that I’ve seen over the years they have quite a hard selling approach.

They want you to take out a loan and put it all on your credit card so that you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars up front without any guarantees.

Thankfully Legendary Marketer does not use those kind of tactics, where they’ve just rehashed a generic product and you’re just buying a resale rights for ten thousand dollars!

You actually get high quality training with Legendary Marketer and the sales team are not too pushy from what my research tells me.

Legendary Marketer Community

Another advantage of this is the overall Legendary Marketer Community built into the program.

They’ve got Facebook groups and Communities that you can plug into and get tips and advice from other people who are all in the same boat.

They’ve got regular training calls and webinars and they’ve also got some really good content on the free David Sharpe YouTube channel where people are being interviewed about their journey and what marketing methods they are using.

That’s really good to see and they do a lot of social media marketing training in the products so you can learn about Pinterest, you can dive into Instagram, Facebook, blogging, paid advertising etc.

You can decide to specialize in a certain strategy and there’s some good training on that within the interviews for free on YouTube.

Then there is more in-depth and structured training with the training products.

Legendary Marketer Products

The Legendary Marketer Products Page starts off with the seven dollar product and then progress up through the sales funnel with more expensive products.

The other product give you more training on different marketing methods.

Legendary Marketers Club – this is training about YouTube and other digital marketing strategies such as solo ads, blogging and social media marketing.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Training – and then you’re progressing into more in-depth affiliate marketing training. So first you start you off learning about promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Coaching & Masterminds – Then the training progresses into how you can create your own digital products and your own high ticket coaching course.

I prefer to do digital marketing by promoting other people’s products for commission, so I’m not that keen on creating my own coaching courses like Legendary Marketer teaches as part of their more intensive training modules.

The affiliate marketing product appeals more to me than the training on how to create my own coaching programs.

Legendary Marketer Review Summary

Overall Legendary Marketer offers in-depth digital marketing training products and I like the way they stay on top of the latest social media trends with platforms such as Tik Tok and Pinterest. It’s not just rehashed generic information. It’s updated, relevant training on what’s working now in internet marketing.

Some people won’t be keen on the high ticket business opportunity built around the Legendary Marketer products, where you’re incentivized to upgrade to high ticket levels so you can resell them as an affiliate.

You should only buy the products if you not just for the business opportunity. If you’re going to get value from the products then go for the training and apply it not just to promoting Legendary Marketer itself, but also applying it to promoting other products and services.

That’s when the value comes in: not just reselling the same product you’ve just purchased, but using the training to promote other things outside of the system.

Yes, you are reselling the same products as an affiliate, but you can also apply it elsewhere in the future. That’s where you can tell whether the products are of value or not.

Legendary Marketer does seem to be delivering the goods, but the high ticket nature of the back end of the sales funnel will not be for everyone.

What I do with my digital marketing is I focus on driving traffic on the internet to a lead capture page where I’m building my email list and then I’m following up via email promoting affiliate offers.

Thanks for checking out my Legendary Marketer Review.