Mega Marketing Pro – Viral PDF System That Works?

Welcome to my review about the Mega Marketing Pro viral list building affiliate system.

Mega Marketing Pro is a free Marketing System where you’re giving away a rebrandable PDF document to build your list and promote the Mega Marketing Pro system as an affiliate.

I’ve seen this offer promoted by others and it’s quite a cool little twist to online marketing. So I thought I would do my own Mega Marketing Pro review.

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Mega Marketing Pro Review

Mega Marketing Pro links in nicely to some other programs I’ve been looking at recently such as Leads Leap so I thought I’d do a review video on Mega Marketing Pro.

Mega Marketing Pro is a free system. The monetization of this system comes via promoting the Leads Leap system.

Leads Leap is a viral list builder / traffic exchange website combined with a website sales funnel builder.

You are able to build your own lead capture pages and sales funnels with it.

You can also generate traffic with Leads Leap by promoting your pages via the Leads Leap credit mailer.

You can also get traffic elsewhere from the internet and divert it to your Leads Leap pages.

Mega Marketing Pro is built around promoting the Leads Leap system as an affiliate marketer and also using the Leads Leap sales funnel builder to capture the leads.

People go to your capture page on MegaMarketing.Pro as you start promoting it. When they enter their name and their email address address on that page these leads will be stored in your Leads Leap account.

To make the full best use out of this you need a paid account to Leads Leap, although a free account will still work.

Mega Marketing Pro Rebrandable PDF

The Mega Marketing Pro system squeeze page gives away a free PDF ebook to give you training on how to get traffic on the internet, build an email list and build your downline with whatever business opportunity you’re promoting.

Once the subscriber has entered in their email address they will be diverted to the thank you page where you can download your free ebook.

You’re also invited to register a free account with Mega Marketing Pro so you can get a copy of this same sales funnel with your own rebranded version of the ebook.

The branding of the ebook basically comes in the form of changing the links within the ebook where you will get your own affiliate ID to the Mega Marketing Pro system hard coded within the ebook text.

If someone joins Mega Marketing Pro via this process they will be added to your Mega Marketing Pro downline.

The leads will not be stored in your Mega Marketing Pro account until they’ve created this free account. The initial squeeze page leads will be added to Leads Leap.

List Building With Mega Marketing Pro

You can also use your leads to promote any other business opportunities or affiliate offers of your choosing once they’re added to your email list.

I like the focus on the focus building your email list and getting traffic and that’s what it’s all about with generating an income with internet marketing.

That’s what worked for me after struggling for a couple of years online of failing to generate much money online.

Instead of jumping from strategies to tactics and different business models, what works for me is just focusing on getting traffic and sending it to one lead capture page where they’re added to my email list and then they’ll redirected to a sales video presentation of an affiliate offer .

The focus is just getting as much traffic as possible to that one lead capture page and then getting people back to that sales video presentation over and over again via email.

I highlight the importance of list building as part of the marketing strategies used with Profits Passport, Traffic Authority and Legendary Marketer.

Summary of Mega Marketing Pro Review

I Like the way Mega Marketing Pro helps you simplify your business around this by giving you an interesting free gift to give away.

I actually prefer to do a more direct approach. I don’t normally give away free gifts because in my experience people don’t actually bother reading them!

I just go for a simple lead capture page and I only ask for the email address. There’s just a simple headline and then they are re-directed to paid affiliate offer after entering in their email.

I tend to promote offers that go straight in for the sale, with no creating of a free account first.

I prefer this more focused approach to trying to maximize the amount for sales you can make at a very first visit of a subscriber. Because that’s when the conversion is going to be really high, is when people opt-in to your lead capture page for the very first time.

Thanks for taking a look at my Mega Marketing Pro review.

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