Income Method 101 – Legit Marketing System?

Welcome to my review on Income Method 101.

This is a new online business opportunity which has just been launched and it’s quite similar to some of the other business opportunity systems I’ve been taking a look at recently.

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Income Method 101 Review

The Income Method 101 Marketing System is very similar to a opportunity I have looked at recently called Digital Wealth Pros.

The same sort of layout is used on the say sales pages so I think this is inspired by the Digital Wealth Pros style business opportunity.

The way Income Method 101 works is it’s a direct sales opportunity where you pay your sponsor directly instead of paying the company.

Income Method 101 Payment Processors (Merchant Account)

In order to join you will make a direct payment to your sponsor’s merchant account and there’s lots of different options for this such as a check or PayPal or Google Pay, Cash App, Venmo.

There’s lots of different merchant accounts they could ask for so you’ll make a payment directly. Then you’ll make a separate admin fee payment to the company.

This payment means you also become an affiliate yourself. When you refer people to the system they will have to pay you directly.

It will go via your merchant account and then you’ll have to manually approve them within the system.

I personally prefer to plug-in to opportunities where there’s an affiliate network that handles the sales and then sends you your commissions once a week. That, or the company will have their own e-wallet system and will do all the payments and refunds on your behalf as part of that.

I would rather not directly receive payments so these sort of opportunities like Income Method 101, Infinity Processing System, Postcard Tycoon and Online Consistent Money are not my sort of thing.

But they are very popular these direct sales opportunities where you’re paying your sponsor directly and then a separate admin fee payment.

Income Method 101 Affiliate Program (Resell Rights)

You’ve got this internet marketing system to resell as part of the Income Method 101 affiliate program.

You also get a digital library of ebooks and products for training in the home-based business world.

One of the things I don’t like with these systems is there’s not normally much effort that goes into the products.

They’re normally just a dump of ebooks that are added to the members area of very basic, generic training.

Some of the opportunities have more advanced, better training and it’s more thought out including information on some specific new modern marketing tactics such as YouTube Ads.

Income Method 101 Products

Those type of opportunities have got better products, but normally it’s just rehashed generic online business and financial education ebooks.

The main value with people buying these type of programs is the marketing system itself.

Essentially the business focus is just to get your same copy of this Income Method 101 marketing system with the lead capture page and then the sales page to resell it.

Income Method 101 is about joining the system so you can resell the system.

I don’t like these type of opportunities because I prefer the products to be training that you can apply to anything and not just reselling the same offer.

I like to promote things where there’s more customization of what you can choose to promote and swap out the offers more easily.

And also when you can apply the training to something else. For example, using the Income Method 101 training products to promote another offer or another project you’ve got on the go.

That’s the value of a business opportunity: it’s when the products can be applied outside of just reselling the marketing System itself, which is what I like about the Legendary Marketer program.

And that probably is the case here. You probably can use the products to promote other things, but the main focus of Income Method 101 Affiliates is just to resell the Marketing System.

They have a call center as part of this which Digital Wealth Pros also had, where you can either join directly by sending the payment to your sponsor right away or you can call up this call center where a sales agent will guide you through the steps.

I personally prefer just joining things directly without speaking to anyone, but some people (especially since it’s more of a high ticket cost) may prefer to speak to someone first.

My main concern about these call centers as an affiliate is whilst they could help close some of the higher ticket sales for you, I would be worried about some slippage and not always being properly attributed to the sale as the referring affiliate.

Because it’s more of a manual process where the customer will have to manually tell the sales agent the sponsor that referred them and manually quote the sponsor ID. I would be worried about some sort of slippage and not being properly accredited to those sales when they are closed via a call center rather than me direct linking to a hard-coded affiliate sales page.

Income Method 101 Compensation Plan

The admin fee appears to be part of the way the company makes their money and not for the sales of the product themselves, because they go directly to the the sponsor.

The Income Method 101 Compensation Plan as part of the affiliate program is a pass-up commission structure where you can also make money not on just the referrals you make directly, but when your own members go on to make sales themselves then there’s a certain level of pass-up commissions coming to you as part of that.

I believe the pass-up commissions come from the admin fee payments.  Lower second tier/third tier pass-up commissions can come in rather than just your own direct sales.

But with any system you join I would focus primarily on making your own sales and building a full-time income from your own efforts.

Any duplication from your downline is a bonus, but not something you should depend on.

Income Method 101 Review Summary

I like the list building approach to Income Method 101. It will teach you how to build your email list by doing marketing on the internet and just focusing on sending traffic to the provided squeeze page.

You’ll be building your email list with this, which is important.

If the Income Method 101 company was to go out of business, or you lost interest in promoting the system itself, you would still have your leads and you can promote other affiliate opportunities when they launch to them.

The whole list building process will be of value even if you decide to use your leads to promote something else in the future.

Hopefully my quick review of Income Method 101 was of help to you.

I focus on driving traffic on internet, building an email list and then just sending daily clicks to high paying & high converting affiliate offers.

It’s a really cool process of just focusing on getting traffic and leads and clicks to start with, and then the sales will come through over time. You don’t need to stress about that too much…just enjoy the process of getting more and more clicks and building that list.

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