Digital Wealth Pros Review – Real Cash Payments or Scam?

Hiya, here is my no-hype, honest review of Digital Wealth Pros.

The Digital Wealth Pros online business opportunity appears quite a lot on my email inbox with lots of other internet marketers promoting this offer.

Due to it’s popularity, thought I would go through the Digital Wealth Pros business model and how it works and cover some tips about how to get started in the online business opportunity world.

These thoughts are taken from my 10 years of experience in the digital marketing world so I hope they will be of use!

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Digital Wealth Pros – Scam or Legit?

Digital Wealth Pros is a done for you online business opportunity.

It is direct sales opportunity where your customers are paying you directly via your own merchant account.

You’re not getting paid via the company or via an affiliate network, which is one of the unique aspects to this is the direct payment approach.

Digital Wealth Pros Call Center

Also, instead of your typical sales funnel where you are going straight to the checkout cart page you are invited to make a call to a sales agent for the transaction to be completed. This is a unique approach and is designed to increase sales conversion rates for the higher price points of some of the products as part of the sales funnel.

I presume the sales agents are there to help close the sale because it’s higher ticket and someone may feel more comfortable speaking to someone before spending that amount.

Also, maybe some people who are wanting to dip their toes in at the lower amount of $200. Then the sales agent may help them upgrade and encourage them to go in at the higher priced products so then the affiliate will get higher commissions.

Personally, if I’m joining these things I don’t particularly want to speak to someone on the phone. I just want to click the add to cart button, buy the product and get access to my members area right away.

I also prefer to upgrade in my own time without speaking to anyone rather than being encouraged by a telephone sales agent or “coach”.

However, I know in this industry some people who want to spend the higher ticket amounts do feel more comfortable speaking to someone first. That’s quite a cool unique approach is the sales agent process with Digital Wealth Pros.

There’s trust involved though, because what will happen is your leads will be given a phone number to ring but that number is not hard-coded to you as the affiliate they will be asked to quote your affiliate ID as past the sales call.

They will manually read out your affiliate ID over the phone, however there’s a bit of trust there because you have to trust a sales agent not to take your sales or to attribute it to someone else.

Digital Wealth Pros Products

The Digital Wealth Pros products are basically an ebook library.

This is going to be generic internet marketing training training on health, business & finance.

Whilst I do like promoting training products, I’m less keen on these types of business opportunity where the product is an afterthought and they just dump a load of ebooks or generic video courses into a library and call that the product.

This seems a bit rushed just to have something to resell for the sake of it.

And for that product they’ve created this training product library. But a lot of these business opportunities use rehashed PLR products or rehashed resale rights products.

Some other opportunities that have similar “ebook library” products are My Automatic Pay, Infinity Processing System, Online Consistent Money, Postcard Tycoon and Income Method 101.

Digital Wealth Pros Marketing System

Most people will be buying the system more because of the unique approach Digital Wealth Pros has to their sales funnel and their marketing system with the direct payments and with the sales team etc.

What will happen is they give you a replicated version of the Digital Wealth Pros sales page to yourself as an affiliate.

There are several provided Digital Wealth Pros capture pages which you will use to drive traffic to using the training in the members area.

They tend to focus on buying email clicks with solo ads, sending your visitors to these pages where they will enter their name and email address and be directed to the sales page, all hard-coded to you as the affiliate.

Then they’ll be invited to call the call center and the sales team will aim to lose the sale on your behalf.

The highest product cost is $997 which will pay you out $800 commission.

There is also an admin fee I believe it’s around $97 to $197.

The admin fee goes to the company and then the commissions go to you.

That’s how the Digital Wealth Pros company makes their money. It is through the admin fee.

A lot of these online business opportunities like this (Profits Passport is another one) work like that. Instead of taking payments themselves for the products and then give the affiliates a cut, what they do is they only take the admin fee payment for company and then give 100% of the rest of the commissions to the affiliate.

Digital Wealth Pros Payment Types

You have to go via your own merchant account setup with Digital Wealth Pros.

You can either use PayPal, Venmo, Zella or Cash App, Stripe credit processing etc.

The risk of this approach is if someone’s unhappy with the product they may want to do a charge back and that will harm your reputation with your merchant account.

These sort of things don’t normally have a standard refund policy so people may just do a charge back and it could harm your merchant account.

But the benefit of getting paid directly with Digital Wealth Pros is you can actually reinvest that back into paid traffic and really scale things up.

Because it’s a mid ticket price point you don’t need ultra high conversion rates to get your solo ads investment back.

The lowest priced product is $200 so you may only need to get 1 sales conversion per 100 or 200 clicks to get your money back.

The conversion rate you need is not very high with mid ticket products so I quite like that approach.

Overall, what I like the look of with Digital Wealth Pros is you get a done view system to use to drive traffic to, to build your email list and promote mid-ticket business opportunities where you get paid directly.

Summary of my Digital Wealth Pros Review

I like the whole sales funnel approach and the marketing material they give you, as well as the traffic source recommendations.

What I’m less keen on is the quickly put together products.

The main product is just to get your own copy of the marketing system so you can earn these commissions.

It’s not really built around selling the products, it’s built around selling the opportunity itself.

However, because it’s not that expensive even if you don’t make much use of the product or if the company goes out of business at least you’re going through the step-by-step process of what works with internet marketing.

And what works is the process of driving traffic, building your email list, promoting products, learning how to follow up by email, branding yourself, and improving your ability to generate conversions.

This will be a good education, but I’m not that keen on the lack of focus on the product the opportunity is built around.

Anyhow, thanks for taking a look at my Digital Wealth Pros Review.

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