List Infinity Review – Worth A Try?

Hey, here is my honest List Infinity review.

I have seen quite a few marketers promoting the List Infinity affiliate marketing system so thought I would do a quick video about it is all about.

Is there a List Infinity scam or is it a legit method worth giving a go?

In this review of List Infinity I cover how the system works as well as reveal some of my own listbuilding tips and tricks that I have gathered from being in this industry for the last 10 years.

OK, so let’s dive into my video review on List Infinity.

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My List Infinity Review

List Infinity is a viral list building system that you can monetize with the List Infinity affiliate program as well as promoting any other products of your choice with your newly generated subscribers.

The system works by giving you squeeze pages to promote to build your list, with you affiliate links hardcoded into the sales page and in the members area too.

The viral nature of List Infinity kicks in when your own referrals start doing their own marketing. Then 1 in every 5 of their generated leads with the system will be “passed-up” to you”.

Let us look at how this works in more detail, whether it is a scam or legit, and more, with my review of the List Infinity website.

What is List Infinity?

List Infinity is a viral list building system which is all about teaching you how to get traffic and build an email list so you can use that list to promote affiliate offers.

It looks like a really good system so I’m gonna do a review on List Infinity to let you know my thoughts.

All this information is taken from my experience working in the digital marketing world for 10 years now.

It was list building and driving traffic which took me from struggling for two years to quickly earning a full-time income online and this is a similar sort of approach used in List Infinity.

List Infinity reminds me of another system called List Leverage.

I’ve done a recent review on that as well and it is a very similar business model but with a couple of twists.

This whole viral list building approach is where you not only generate subscribers from your own marketing activities, but you can generate “pass-up” subscribers from your members that you refer when they get leads they get passed up to you.

This approach to email list building reminds me of both of List Leverage and also other systems in the past that have come around, such as 5iphon by Bryan Winters on ClickBank and that was around 2011.

With List Infinity you get a done-for-you listbuilding system which includes a lead capture page.

There’s different pages that you can customize and choose which to use.

You’ll be buying advertising on the internet with solo ads and getting clicks to this website. The same approach is used in Profits Passport.

Your visitors will be entering their email address and they’ll be added to your email list. You can then follow-up automatically with those subscribers.

The List Infinity system will send them automated emails and you can also send them manual broadcast emails to promote List Infinity and any other affiliate offer of your choosing.

I do like the list building approach where someone enters their email address they’ll be added to your email list and then rediverted to the List Infinity affiliate sales video presentation.

List Infinity Affiliate Program

The sales video is where your leads will also be invited to create their own free List Infinity login account and if they upgrade their account to either the lower level of $10 or the pro level of $100 you will get paid as the affiliate.

Those List Infinity affiliate program payments grow directly into your PayPal account. You can also set up the stripe merchant account if you wish. It’s a nice way to monetize your leads coming in instantly.

You can earn commissions as an affiliate from the List Infinity account upgrades and also inside the members area where you affiliate links will be placed on banners.

The List Infinity affiliate marketing system gives you a good selection of lead capture pages to use, even at the free level.

You can choose the squeeze page and then use the traffic sources and the training to go out there to do marketing and get traffic to these pages.

You’re building your email list and getting eyeballs onto the affiliate sales page so they can then in-turn refer people to the system and earn money when they make the upgrades.

List Infinity Bonuses

There are some cool looking List Infinity bonuses.

As well including traffic generation training products, you get bonus courses on Facebook marketing, The 10K Blueprint, TikTok marketing, as well as YouTube and Instagram strategies.

These List Infinity bonus products are very specific marketing strategies focused on the main social media platforms, so you can put that into action to generate leads right away.

In the members area they give you recommended solo ads traffic sources, that are hardcoded with affiliate links.

They’ve got a banner here to the Udimi solo ads platform where you can get quick and easy leads to your system by buying solo ads and when you upgrade on List Infinity the banners in the members area will be hard-coded to your affiliate links.

So you will not only earn affiliate commissions when your members upgrade on List Infinity, you earn affiliate commissions from Udimi, ClickMagick and Aweber when people click on the banner links.

List Infinity Solo Ads Traffic Sources

Another tip as part of this review of List Infinity, is I wouldn’t get too focused on Udimi as your only source of traffic. Or any other source of traffic such as Traffic Authority etc.

It’s a good way to get started getting clicks and experience your first leads coming in, but the conversion rates with solo ads traffic tends to be quite low so you’re going to need lots of leads before you start getting consistent sales with solo ads.

When you dive into more of the free traffic methods on YouTube and other social media platforms you will find that your sales conversion rate is much higher so you’ll get a much higher percentage of your leads converting into sales.

However, it’s much slower and harder to get traffic for free than it is just to pay for solo ads.

What I would do is I would combine a monthly solo ads budget with free marketing and content marketing methods.

Stay focused on picking one or two content marketing methods and also buy with solo ads and also send regular broadcast emails to your list.

Over time, all this consistent marketing activity should snowball into exciting results.

But it’s not going to be the sort of thing you can get instant conversions coming in right away as a newbie. It does need consistency.

Another good thing about List Infinity is there’s a good number of real List Infinity testimonials on the website. These are real Facebook screenshots of people giving income proof of commissions they’ve been getting.

The refreshing thing about this is these are real Facebook screenshots. I recognize some of these names from the internet marketing world so these are not your typical fake testimonials that lots of other hyped-up business opportunities use. These are real testimonials from real customers.

Summary of List Infinity Review

Overall List Infinity is a legitimate system.

The whole pass-up a viral approach to List Infinity is when you refer someone to the system, every one in five leads that they go on to generate will pass up onto your email list (if they haven’t upgraded to the pro level first).

If you don’t want to pass-up leads you need to upgrade to pro level and then you’ll keep all your leads.

People are incentivized to upgrade to the pro level so they get to keep all their leads and don’t have to pass them up.

The viral list building part of it only kicks in when your free members or lower paid members start getting traffic and leads themselves by doing their own marketing.

But with these sort of things, as you start off, almost 100% of your income and leads will be from your own efforts alone. So don’t get too caught up in expecting people to duplicate.

It is once you’ve started building up consistently and lots of people being referred over time, then a handful of people may start popping up to duplicate. That’s when it can really snowball, but first of all just focus on your own efforts and your own marketing and not worrying too much on other people to do their own marketing and duplicating the process.

Building a list is the most important thing to focus on in digital marketing and that’s what worked for me when I first got started around 10 years ago.

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