Royalty Hero Review – Legit Amazon KDP Profits?

Royalty Hero Review reveals that this is an Amazon KDP self publishing coaching course by Sean Dollwet. But does it actually work?

We shall find out in my Royalty Hero review.

Sean Dollwet has created the Royalty Hero course to guide you through the entire Amazon KDP business model right from research niches to getting your own low and high content digital books published and selling on the Amazon Marketplace.

This review of Royalty Hero by Sean Dollwet will see if this is a legit business model that can get results or just some sort of scam to give a miss.

Let us get started with this review of Royalty Hero to see how it all works.

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Royalty Hero Review – Amazon KDP Model

With Royalty Hero by Sean Dollwet I really like the Amazon Kindle publishing (Amazon KDP) approach to this business model.

It’s unique and not many courses are teaching Amazon KDP right now, so I thought I’d dive in a bit more about how Royalty Hero works the whole sales process surrounding it.

Royalty Hero it’s based on the Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP) publishing business model and you are basically taught how to publish your own Kindle digital eBooks on the Amazon Marketplace.

You will be outsourcing the content so you’re not actually having to write the books yourself.

You are hiring freelancers to create the content and the covers and then you are marketing them on Amazon.

Royalty Hero takes you through the exact step-by-step process of what to do that.

It is a unique business model and it goes through the entire A to Z Amazon (KDP) Kindle Direct Publishing blueprint, as well as the different types of books you can publish in the different niches.

Royalty Hero covers the different strategies in terms of whether you’re going for the low content books or high content books, and the different types of books and Amazon categories that you’ll be putting them in.

It is really good to see the deep dive into that business model.

Royalty Hero – Strategy Session with Sean Dollwet

Sean Dollwet has got quite a unique sales process to promote Royalty Hero.

Most visitors will arrive from YouTube and then they’ll click through to this process where you book a free strategy call to decide whether you are a good fit for Royalty Hero.

I quite like the look of the simple sales process they’ve got from YouTube to a simple questionnaire, where you answer some questions and then book a free strategy session to see if you make a good fit for the course.

There’s not much detail on exactly how the course works and the course content or the cost of Royalty Hero, because that is their business model is to sell that on a strategy call.

A sales agent will invite you to buy the course on the call. It’s likely to be a high ticket course.

Royalty Hero Review
Royalty Hero Review

When these courses use these webinar approaches or free strategy sessions where you’re speaking to someone on the phone before joining, they they tend to be of a high ticket nature costing several thousand dollars.

They prefer to have the more personal one-on-one approach to sell these higher priced products.

Royalty Hero for Lead Generation with Amazon KDP

Overall I like the look of the business model. It makes a refreshing change from direct sales type of program like Digital Wealth Pros and My Automatic Pay. Also, be sure to check out my other recent WebTrafficToolkit reviews on Cell Phone Cash, My Traffic Business, E-Farming Profits and The Online Cash Machine.

But if I was to get involved in Amazon KDP myself using Royalty Hero training, I would be focused on using it for lead generation rather than trying to turn a profit with the books themselves.

There seems to be a lot of expenses in terms of outsourcing the content to start with, and you’re going to have to build up consistent sales over a period of time before you actually break even let alone generate a profit.

I wouldn’t be focused on generating profit. I would use it for lead generation.

I would create simple non-fiction information products that teach a skill to people or help people solve a problem. I would then use those books to generate leads.

I would have website links within the books for more information where they can register for a webinar or opt-in via a lead capture page to get a free bonus.

I would build an email list from those leads from the ebook.

I would also sell the ebook for a cheap cost and not worry about generating profit. On the back-end when they come to the website I would sell high ticket products via automated webinar either for my own products or affiliate offers.

Summary of my Sean Dollwet Royalty Hero Review

Thanks for checking out my review on Sean Dollwet’s Royalty Hero.

Overall it looks like an excellent way to get started in Amazon KDP by learning from an expert in the field (Sean Dollwet), who has a proven track record with trust and authority based on his regular Amazon KDP Income Reports on his YouTube Channel.

There are lots of different categories of book you can publish in many different niches, both long and short form content.

I think it would be best to focus on building out lots of content in one specific focused niche as to not spread yourself to thin.

Personally, I see the value in selling simple information products in niches that have high ticket affiliate products you can promote. And then use the ebooks to generate leads for those high ticket affiliate programs.

I hope my thoughts on Royalty Hero from a digital marketing point of view was of help as you go about doing your own research.

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