7 Minutes Daily System Review – Yes or No?

Welcome to my 7 Minutes Daily System review of the Clickbank affiliate program at 7MinDaily.com – is it a scam or legit?

We dive into a 7MinDaily.com review talking about the pros & cons of this approach. My 7 Minutes Daily Review of this Clickbank system is taken from my 10+ years of working at home as a professional internet marketer. I have seen many programs come and go in that time so I know what works.

7 Minutes Daily System Review

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So, with 7 Minutes Daily, basically, it’s a ClickBank program that gives you a done-for-you system, which is geared around promoting this same sales page yourself as an affiliate marketer on the ClickBank platform. You are also given a sales funnel to promote the 7 Minute Daily system with, and that sales funnel will help you build your email list. So, you’ve got a list of subscribers that you can promote 7 Minutes Daily with, this exact same sales page, but you can also promote any other affiliate products of your choosing.

7 Minutes Daily Review – Money Pages

Basically, the way the system works is it gives you what they call Money Pages, which is basically a squeeze page or a lead capture page. Then, you are using the resources and the training inside the members’ area to drive clicks to this page. People will enter their name and email address, and they’ll be added to your email list with GetResponse, which is the autoresponder they use inside the members’ area. As soon as they’ve entered their details, they’ll be redirected back to the 7mindaily.com sales page hardcoded to your affiliate link. So, if they buy the product, you will earn commissions as a ClickBank affiliate marketer.

7 Minutes Daily Advantages

There are some things I like the look of and some that I do not like the look of with 7 Minutes Daily. I like the look of that it gets beginners to focus on the simple process of driving traffic to a squeeze page and building their email list. That’s the central focus of my business and has been for quite a while – just driving traffic to a capture page and redirecting to affiliate offers and following up with more affiliate offers in the email follow-up. So the 7 Minutes Daily system gets you to go through that traffic generation and list building approach for affiliate marketing, which is what I do. So, I’m definitely a big fan of that business model.

7 Minutes Daily System Disadvantages

The one skepticism I have is that this system is geared to promoting only the 7 Minutes Daily program on the front end. So, to improve it, I would like it to let you customize what you’re being redirected to. When someone enters their name and email address on this page, I think you should get to choose whether to divert it to a different ClickBank offer or any different affiliate offer of your choosing, rather than it being hardcoded to redirect to just promoting 7 Minutes Daily on the front end.

Having said that, you’ll be building an email list that’ll be added to your GetResponse account. So, on the back end via email, you can follow up and promote any affiliate link of your choosing. The list is yours to keep and do with what you like.

7 Min Daily

7 Minutes Daily vs Click Wealth System vs Perpetual Income 365

So, that’s a good approach to the system. This reminds me very much of another similar system on ClickBank called The Click Wealth System. It almost looks like a revamped version of that because the members’ area and the traffic sources in the training and the whole process is almost identical to the Click Wealth System. So either the same vendor has revamped their product and rebranded it as 7 Minutes Daily, or someone else has just copied the program, seeing it’s working well on ClickBank, and relaunched a very similar offer.

There’s also another very similar offer called Perpetual Income 365, which is on both ClickBank and Digistore24. It operates on the same concept of driving traffic to done-for-you Money Pages, building your email list, and on the front end promoting the same system that you just bought into. On the back end, you can promote any other offers you want via your GetResponse account.

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7 Minutes Daily System Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, the 7 Minutes Daily system offers a structured approach for affiliate marketers, especially those who are just starting in the field. It emphasizes the fundamental aspects of driving traffic to a squeeze page and building an email list, which are crucial elements in online marketing. However, it does have limitations, primarily in its lack of customization on the front end, as it primarily promotes the 7 Minutes Daily product itself. Nevertheless, the system does provide a foundation for those looking to understand and execute the essentials of affiliate marketing. Its success hinges on the value of the 7 Minutes Daily program and the potential for back-end customization with the email list. As with any online venture, thorough research and consideration are key before deciding if the 7 Minutes Daily system aligns with your specific goals and preferences

Thanks again for checking out my 7 Minutes Daily Review.

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