Profit Automation Pros Review – YES or NO?

Hey there, welcome to my Profit Automation Pros review. We will see if this is a legit business opportunity to do with ecom or a Profit Automation Pros scam?

Many Profit Automation Pros reviews are from other marketers who are looking to promote this affiliate program (I’m not promoting it!) so it is hard to get an honest opinion on Profit Automation Pros.

It’s a new business opportunity I have seen promoted online in a separate Gmail inbox I’ve set up specifically to see what other people are emailing out with their marketing emails, and Profit Automation Pros has popped up. So, we’re going to dive into exactly how this works, the products, and what you’ll get inside the members’ area.

Before we dive into my Profit Automation Pros review, just to let you know that my name is Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit. I earn a realistic full-time income on the internet, and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, very much focusing on the basics of traffic generation, list building, and proven affiliate programs. So, hopefully, my experience from all those years of doing this and seeing lots of systems come and go will help you out as you research Profit Automation Pros.

Profit Automation Pros Review

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OK, let’s dive in to see how this works.

Profit Automation Pros Review – Sales Page

Profit Automation Pros, it’s a standard type of business opportunity sales page. They’ve got this actor here on the main page who seems to be reading from a script. So, this is not actually the system creator or the team who created the system and gives you the product. This is an actor. I believe he used to be able to be hired on and other freelancing websites, so they hire a spokesperson to act as the system creator. But they’re not. So, there are a couple of red flags on the sales page: a lack of transparency about who created the system, big income claims and screenshots making it sound like it’s going to be super quick and easy for the typical member to make money, and some dubious-looking testimonials that may be a bit fake or at least not representative of what the typical customer will get on the inside.

And while they do allude to the fact it’s going to be some sort of e-commerce business model, they don’t really tell you how you’re going to make the money, what you’ll be doing, the strategies used. They’re very vague in terms of telling you what you’re going to get. They seem to want you to actually purchase the product to get on the inside to see what you are going to get with Profit Automation Pros.

Profit Automation Pros Checkout Process

When you add in your email address and click the button, you’ll be diverted to the checkout page for Profit Automation Pros. Basically, they say you get hooked up into the members’ area, you’ve got two income streams ready to activate, and then you’ve got a bonus of a list of 1,000 profitable niches you can plug into and some sort of proven Facebook ads library which you can dive into. Again, they’re still quite vague on what you’ll be doing inside Profit Automation Pros, and they seem to have some sort of discount that pops up when you try to leave, and they claim there’s some sort of 50% discount just for this month. Again, there are some hard-selling scarcity-type tactics to try and rush you through the sale at the very first attempt.

Profit Automation Pros Business Model

As part of this Profit Automation Pros Review let us look at the biz model used.

A good way with these very vague business model sales pages to actually discover what you’ll be doing is just to go to the domain homepage without the stuff beyond the forward-slash bit because that’s normally just the unique link for the sales video. But if you just go to the domain homepage for Profit Automation Pros, they actually have a less high-pitched homepage which actually dives into a bit more detail on what you’ll be getting. Again, it’s still quite vague, but it’s basically learning digital marketing strategies, selecting a niche that you want to plug into based on the niches they present to you, then you get an e-commerce store created for you, and this is already uploaded with a number of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. There’s also likely to be some dropshipping-style products where physical products are sent and fulfilled by a company on your behalf. So, it’s quite vague in terms of the sales page.

Profit Automation Pros Products

There’s a separate product page which gives a bit more information. You’ve got the Profit Automation Pros access for the standard product for $17 at the lower level package. There are various different upgrades, $27 and $37 upgrades, and there’s a $47 product giving a bit more tools and resources inside the members’ area. They’ve got this new nutritional blueprint, which seems to be training on how to sell supplements on the internet with the dropshipping business model. That’s one of the upgrades, and there’s also another VIP upgrade for more training webinars and marketing strategies.

They’ve got this eBook, a physical book that can actually be shipped to you, for more information on digital marketing strategies. And there’s also a $147 product, which is a pre-built dropshipping website, all uploaded for you, including all the ad copy, sales copy, the products, the domain and hosting, which you can hook up to with your own domain and hosting. So, the products look fairly reasonably priced, basic e-commerce websites, dropshipping stores that you can plug into.

Profit Automation Pros
Profit Automation Pros

So, when you actually go to the website, they’re a bit more transparent about what you get. You’re going to be getting involved in digital marketing with your own e-commerce store, promoting dropshipping products, and likely also some training on how to do affiliate marketing and promoting digital affiliate products. That’s where Profit Automation Pros come in. I think there’s likely to be a bit of a disconnect between some of the hype on the sales page, the income claims, how they make it sound like it’s going to be super quick and easy to generate results, and there’s going to be a disconnect between that and the reality of the basic e-commerce store software tools that you’ll get inside the members’ area.

Profit Automation Pros – Does It Work?

Also, in order to get results, it’s not a matter of just activating the website they give you. You have to promote it. You have to get traffic and consistent clicks to these links before you start getting results. That’s going to take skills in ranking the website, maybe getting traffic from social media and content marketing, supplementing that with paid advertising. So, it’s a legitimate business model and a really cool thing to get involved with. It’s just unlikely to be as quick and easy as the sales page makes out, and there are also red flags with the scarcity and hard-selling approach to rush you into buying a product at the very first attempt.

I talk about similar tactics used in other systems such as Speed Wealth System, Millionaire Copy Bot, Click Profit Sites and My Web Cash System.

Profit Automation Pros Review Summary

So, hopefully, that cleared up the business model of how Profit Automation Pros work and what you can expect inside the members’ area as a customer. If you want to discover how I go about earning a full-time income online and how I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, you can discover my number one system to plug into right now.

It’s a complete done-for-you system and a really excellent way to get started. So, click that link below, click the link in the video description below. That’s my number one recommended online system. Anyway, thanks a lot for checking out my Profit Automation Pros review. All the best, guys, and speak soon and thanks for checking out this page.

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