My Commission Bootcamp Review – Yes or No?

My Commission Bootcamp Review – legit money making business opportunity that actually works or just a scam to avoid at all costs?

In this review of My Commission Bootcamp we highlight the main red flags for this system, talk about the specifics of the business model, and look at some of the customer My Commission Bootcamp testimonials.

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My Commission Bootcamp Review

Hey there, welcome to My Commission Bootcamp review. I’m Adam from, and I’ve been working from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income for about 10 years now. So, it’s a really cool, flexible way to generate an income at home, and I review lots of these different product launches that come out. My Commission Bootcamp is one I’ve recently seen advertised in my email inbox, so I thought I’d do a quick video about My Commission Bootcamp and what it’s all about.

My Commission Bootcamp Review – The Sales Video

So, My Commission Bootcamp is your typical hyped-up sales video presentation. We’ve got some testimonials appearing here on the front page. There are quite a lot of red flags that pop out about My Commission Bootcamp. First of all, these testimonials don’t seem realistic; it seems they’re reading from a script on the screen, so they might be hired paid actors that have been hired to read from a script to claim they’re making loads of money with it. These don’t seem that realistic to me; it’s hard to verify that. In any case, they have a $500 claim on the headline, which seems a bit unrealistic, especially for typical beginners. Some people who have been at this for a while will be making an exciting income with digital marketing, but not when you’re very first getting started. And then they claim there’s a countdown timer here, where it expires after 12 hours or so, and then they’re not accepting new members. That’s normally fake scarcity that would still be available once that goes down to zero. Some products and high-ticket coaching courses that launch once or twice a year may have legitimate countdown timers and genuinely close the doors, but these hyped-up sales video presentations for making money online products tend to let you buy it even when it goes down to zero because they want your money; they want you to become a customer, so that’s probably a bit of fake scarcity there.

My Commission Bootcamp Red Flags

A couple of red flags on the sales page. I also don’t like the fact it’s just an anonymous voiceover artist reading a sales video presentation. You don’t know who created the system, about their background, what their story is, what successful businesses they’ve been running. It’s just a paid actor reading a script for the sales video presentation, so there’s a bit of a lack of transparency there. The product goes via DigiStore 24; this is the checkout cart. This has been discounted because sometimes if you try to click away from the product and you try to leave, they offer you discounts. It’s quite a hard selling tactic to try and get you to buy the product at the very first go. Some of these hyped-up systems will actually offer you discounts when you try to leave; they’ll claim there are only a few spots remaining and that the doors will close if you don’t buy right away, so that’s quite a hard selling tactic they’re using in the sales video presentation and the checkout cart as well. They’ve got the countdown timer reached zero for me here, but you can still buy it, so I think that’s probably fake scarcity.

My Commission Bootcamp On DigiStore24

DigiStore 24 is a legitimate retailer; it’s a bit like ClickBank, but ClickBank doesn’t really like these making money online products anymore, so a lot of them are going over to DigiStore 24. They don’t tell you actually how the money is made with My Commission Bootcamp. With these systems nowadays, they’re either teaching you drop shipping or affiliate marketing. I believe this started off with affiliate marketing; it may have moved over to the drop shipping business model, I’m not sure. But the reason that they keep it vague is because if they tell you exactly how their income is made and the strategies, people may think, ‘Oh, that’s unrealistic,’ and they may think it’s too hard, they may not want to give it a go. So they deliberately keep it vague, so you actually have to buy the product to see what the program’s all about.

My Commission Bootcamp
My Commission Bootcamp

My Commission Bootcamp Business Model

Now, this sales video presentation reminds me of Rapid Profit Package, which uses a very similar layout, and some of the same people appear in the video giving the reviews. And it just reminds me a lot of the My Rapid Profit Package sales video presentation as My Commission Bootcamp and some of these other ones have very similar sales pages, and I’ve seen the same actors and actresses up here giving their testimonials. I believe My Profit Payday is another one that this reminds me of as well as Millionaire Copy Bot AI.

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But the system is going to teach you how to do affiliate marketing, create your own websites, buy advertising to get traffic to your websites, or post advertisements on free sites to get traffic and promote affiliate offers. The whole general information net training, the one is legitimate; affiliate marketing is really an excellent way to earn an income, and I do it. But I think this is not the best way to get started with affiliate marketing because you don’t really know what’s going on, who the system creator is, and it’s normally quite generic fluffy information with these types of systems. Just the basics on how it works rather than the nitty-gritty solid step-by-step strategies to actually work.

So, for the typical newbie, there’ll probably be some new tactics that you can apply and that you would learn, so you probably get some value out of it if you’re completely new and don’t know anything about the industry. But I’m not 100% convinced this is the best way to get started generating an income with affiliate marketing or online in general just because of the unrealistic expectations it gives out and it makes it sound too easy when a bit of work and effort is needed to get started and get the ball rolling to build up momentum.

My Commission Bootcamp Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, the review of “My Commission Boot Camp” raises several red flags and concerns about the product. The sales presentation appears to be hyped up, with unrealistic income claims and questionable testimonials from potentially paid actors. The use of fake scarcity tactics, an anonymous voiceover, and a lack of transparency about the system’s creators also contribute to a sense of skepticism.

While the system might offer some basic information on affiliate marketing, it falls short of providing a comprehensive, step-by-step approach for beginners.

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