The AI Entrepreneur Content Blitz Looks Very Interesting

The AI Entrepreneur is a webinar sales funnel selling you on a coaching program to teach you how to use artificial intelligence tools to get lots of content out there on the internet.

In order to get clicks to your website and promote your own online coaching program. This could actually be used for lots of selling other things online, such as standard affiliate marketing offers or even real world businesses will use that.

Whilst the sales process focuses on people selling coaching programs, I think the whole content generation approach could be used in lots of different marketplaces.

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The AI Entrepreneur Sales Process

They ask you to opt in by your name and email address and you’ll be sent through this webinar style sales funnel with an intro video. You can join the live call and schedule a strategy session with a coach who will aim to sell you on this high ticket program costing around $2,000. And the overall strategy that they’re using is using artificial intelligence to get content out there on lots of different platforms and social media accounts.

The AI Entrepreneur Strategy

You’re using tools to help your content generation to get free traffic on the internet with content. And that’s a really good method. I found free content marketing works well to get good conversions, especially videos, much higher conversion rates than say, buying paid traffic in many cases. So that being one part of your overall marketing strategy to get traffic and you get leads. Content marketing is a good source for that.

And AI tools can help automate and speed up that process to get more content out there. And the whole mindset behind this is that it’s more focused on getting more leads instead of trying to boost your conversion rates.

The AI Entrepreneur believes conversion rates are fairly standard across the industry for coaching programs and high ticket offers. Instead of trying to slightly increase your conversion rate, you’re better off just focusing on getting more leads, getting more traffic, getting more clicks.

And the focus on AI is a good way to focus on the quantity of leads coming in rather than focusing on the conversions. Some of the training will cover TikTok and YouTube and other social media platforms.

AI Entrepreneur Content Blitz

It’s all about repurposing content on these different platforms to get traffic. So examples of how AI could be used for that you could get AI to create a big list of positive personal development quotes, inspiring quotes, and then you could use those headline quotes to get another AI tool to create inspiring images based on those quotes and upload them to Instagram and Pinterest.

Using AI Entrepreneur Tools

You can also get AI tools to create a simple video using stock video footage and subtitles from those same quotes.

You can start with one sort of content that you get AI to generate and you put some input and you can repurpose that content with images, videos, quotes, all sorts of different content and upload it to the different social media platforms and stay consistent with that. And AI can really help automate that process. I would also say to focus on manual content you create yourself without tools.

Simple videos where you are speaking yourself on camera or on audio, that helps build trust and authority and helps boost the conversion rate.

I wouldn’t get too caught up in doing everything with AI and everything with automation.

Do try and interject your own personality and authority into the process because that will help boost conversions.

And rather than just relying on automation for everything and trying to make everything hands off.

AI Entrepreneur Review Summary

I do like the hands off approach of lead generation. I tend to focus on more affiliate marketing sales funnels when generating leads, generating traffic and sending those leads off to high paying affiliate programs of other people’s.

Products that convert wealth and deliver good value. And I like to do that in a somewhat automated, hands off way.

New tools such as the AI Entrepreneur, the AI content blitz, as different methods to increase my content marketing and lead generation definitely seem of a decent interest to me.

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