1K Profit Partnership by Glynn [My Review]

Welcome to my 1K Profit Partnership review.

My name is Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit and I am a full time income online doing digital marketing.

I’ve been doing this for ten years now and 1K Profit Partnership is the latest WarriorPlus launch we’re going to have a look at.

And hopefully my thoughts taken from my experience in this industry over the last ten years will be be of help as you do your research on 1K Profit Partnership.

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1K Profit Partnership Review

1K Profit Partnership is a system that gives you the licenses to promote a high ticket webinar product which earns you $1,000 commissions per sale. And this is a webinar product that Glenn himself has created. So you’re getting the license rights to promote this high ticket webinar and earn all the commissions yourself as an affiliate via your Warrior Plus account.

That’s good news for beginners because you’re going to get auto approval to promote this once you’re a customer.

You don’t have to go begging for someone to accept you as an affiliate, especially if you haven’t got much of a sales history.

And it’s also a good way to have your own high ticket product to sell via a done for you sales funnel without having to create a product yourself or create the whole sales funnel process.

And high ticket webinars are a really good way of monetizing traffic and potentially even monetizing traffic on the front end as the very first offer you send to people.

Because when you’re earning $1,000 per sale, you don’t need to get that many sales coming in.

The conversion rate doesn’t have to be super high to get high earnings per click and you only need to make one or two sales every few hundred clicks to be able to recoup any paid advertising you’re doing.

It makes it more practical and realistic to scale your list within with paid advertising when you’re getting big high ticket commissions coming in.

1K Profit Partnership – Who Is Glynn Kosky?

This is a well known vendor in the Warrior Plus space who’s done lots of successful different product launches.

For another recent W+ launch see my posts on Browse N Bank. Other reviews I have done recently include The AI Entrepreneur and 123 Profit.

He’s also done other product launches in the past where he gives you a sales fail to promote high ticket offers on the likes of Clickbank and other affiliate networks and make it look like this affiliate sales pages via your own webinar. But he’s improved it with this offering of 1K Profit Partnership in using one of his own webinars and his own offers. You don’t have to go messing about with affiliate links, it’s all hooked up directly into your own sales funnel.

Does 1K Profit Partnership Work?

You can use to drive traffic to and build your email list and have a high ticket product to promote. Whether this works or not for the typical beginner is going to be down to the quality of traffic you send to it.

It’s going to depend more on if the customer thinks a bit more outside the box and how to get traffic rather than sending the same Udimi Solo ads traffic that everyone else might be doing or going to the same traffic sources.

If you do your own research and think outside the box and drive traffic in a unique way with certain pay per click advertising, pay per click keywords YouTube advertising, or your own free content marketing, then you’re going to get better results than just buying from one recommended solo ad vendor and hope those solo ads click.

Whether this works or not is not necessarily down to the quality of the product that’s put together, it’s down to the quality of the traffic that you send to it and the amount of eyeballs you get onto the offer.

High Ticket Sales With 1K Profit Partnership

And another disadvantage of this for beginners is in order to sell a high ticket product, you might have to go through a couple of hundred clicks before you get a sale. And so it’s going to be hard to know whether your traffic and marketing is working well because you don’t really know until you’ve got through a couple of hundred clicks.

Even if you just get one sale every 1000 clicks, that’s going to be one dollars per click earnings. Which is quite high, which is acceptable. Maybe not high for a webinar, but you could potentially go through 400 clicks, not get any sales, but then suddenly get two sales in the next batch of 400 clicks and get a quite a high earnings per click from that.

So it’s a little bit discouraging not to have any market to see whether it’s working or not until you’ve generated probably several thousand clicks before you know whether it’s an offer worth pursuing. That could be a bit discouraging for beginners who don’t have that much traffic at their disposal.

Overall. I like the look of this. High ticket webinars are definitely worth investigating with digital marketing. It’s a really good way to fund your paid advertising and get super high earnings per click with your free advertising.

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