Is Virtual Money Masters A Legit Podcast? (My Review)

Welcome to the Virtual Money Masters podcast review. In this review, we’ll discuss an innovative sales funnel strategy promoting the e-farming challenge, a list-building program. I’m Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I’ve been earning a full-time income through affiliate marketing for over 10 years. My focus has always been on traffic generation and list building.

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The Virtual Money Masters sales funnel introduces a unique approach. It may have been presented to you through a lead capture page or a bridge page. The bridge page resembles a podcast preview and leads you to a “live” podcast session. However, it’s designed for sales video presentation purposes. The real podcast, hosted by Igor, is called the “List Building Lifestyle Podcast” and is available on various platforms, including YouTube and Google Podcasts.

This sales technique, combining podcast-style presentations with affiliate marketing, has also been used by John Crestani to promote his affiliate marketing training system. It aims to engage visitors in a podcast episode before inviting them to join a training program instead of the traditional sales video or webinar.

The strategy promoted within the Virtual Money Masters sales funnel is called e-farming which revolves around email marketing, list building, and monetizing through affiliate programs. Igor has coined this unique term to describe the list-building business model. It involves buying internet traffic through email solo ads, directing it to a squeeze page, building an email list, and earning income through affiliate marketing.

Igor’s e-farming program includes some distinctive features, such as a recommended list of solo ad sellers and techniques like lead banking, where affiliates send traffic to your capture page for a fee. Another approach is clickbanking, involving cost-per-lead offers through affiliate networks. Additionally, Igor provides pre-made landing pages and webinar funnels, allowing dual branding for webinars.

In conclusion, e-farming is a legitimate and innovative approach to affiliate marketing and list building. While the Virtual Money Masters podcast may not be a genuine podcast, Igor does host a real one called “List Building Lifestyle.” If you’re interested in my traffic generation and list building approach, click the link below for my recommended online system.