LiveGood MLM Affiliate Program (Legit Compensation Plan?)

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LiveGood is a network marketing style opportunity where you are incentivized to build a team and get duplication going.

It’s not just on your own efforts alone you’re getting paid. You are getting paid on duplication of your downline and the success of the company as a whole.

The compensation plan with these network marketing companies can be fairly complicated because there’s lots of different aspects to them.

The general gist of it though, is that it doesn’t look like you can join. To become a free affiliate, you have to have some sort of payment to promote as part of the affiliate program.

When you click the Become an Affiliate icon, it asks for $40 to become an affiliate. And then I believe there is another $9 and 95 cent product, which is the membership fee, the retail membership.

Most people who join LiveGood will pay $49.95, which will be the $40 affiliate fee and the first month of the $9.95 cent membership fee.

And the membership fee simply gives you access to the health products at a discounted membership rate. So it’s a discount membership card. You get to get lower prices on these health products.

Most people will be getting their initial upfront commissions by simply reselling the affiliate program.

I’m never that keen on these things where you’re just reselling a membership and the membership is to become an affiliate. I prefer it when you’re actually getting most of your commissions from the products.

I do like the look of the LiveGood affiliate program in that it is focused on selling health products. In the real world, you actually get them shipped to your front door.

However, most people coming in to start with will be earning commissions by simply reselling the affiliate membership. And so even if people don’t join at the $9 membership to get discounts to the products, you’re still earning $20 per every affiliate that you refer to the system.

Then they’ve got all these matrix commissions built into it, where you get bonus commissions passed on to you as you get duplication further down in your downline. And this matrix style duplication can also be given to you on efforts of the wider team and your upline and the whole company, rather than just your own efforts and duplication from your own unique downline.

They’ve got matching check bonuses, pass ups where your own team start duplicating, and there’s also retail commission. So if people are more interested in just buying the health products and want to help you out as the affiliate to buy by link, they can simply pay the $9.95 a month membership fee without the $40 affiliate fee and you earn commissions on that.

But it doesn’t seem you earn commissions on the overall product, you earn commissions on the difference between the membership pricing and the retail pricing.

But it will be quite a low commission compared to the overall products.

The example they give was if you sell a $24 product at retail value, you may only get $4 commission. So it’s quite low commissions. So the higher commissions come in when you’re selling the affiliate fee for that 50% upfront commissions on the $40 membership.

And they’ve got influencer bonuses where people do large scale retail selling, maybe they’ve got gyms signed up and other businesses, there’s favorable commissions for people who are able to deliver high volume to retail customers.

And there’s also diamond pool bonus, that’s where if you progress in the network marketing star ranks they’ve got, you can qualify for a share in the company bonus pool at the end of the month. So you get higher commissions, the higher rank you progress through.

In summary, it’s an affiliate program where you’re reselling the $49.95 membership, which is a combination of the affiliate fee and the membership to the health products.

And starting out, most people are looking to make money by reselling the affiliate membership and then over time, as they start to buy products and their health products, they can add those commissions and network marketing duplication to their affiliate paycheck.

I’m not that keen on the focus on just reselling an affiliate membership fee without any products. However, this is a product centric business opportunity with retail health products that do not have a required purchase requirement.

You don’t have to purchase a certain amount of products just for the sake of it to stay at a certain affiliate level. So that’s what I like to look off with LiveGood is to focus on those products.

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