LiveGood MLM Opportunity – Legit Biz?

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Welcome to my LiveGood Review.

In this LiveGood Review we can reveal it is a business opportunity based around physical nutritional products.

But the main commissions as an affiliate for the LiveGood Business Opportunity come through selling the membership rather than the products itself.

So although it’s based around these health products, most of the commissions people will be generating will be on selling the membership to the LiveGood Business Opportunity. And that membership provides discounted rates for these health products.

In a way, the good thing is there’s not high pressure on people just to buy products, just to qualify for commissions or just to hit a certain rank in the company you’re not forced or pressurized into buying products you don’t want. It’s more of a discount membership, so you can get special discounts compared to the retail rate for each of these products.

Once you’re a LiveGood member, however, you’re not actually selling the products with the membership. So that’s a slight for people who actually prefer to sell the products for the commissions, you’re focusing on selling the membership and then once you’ve got the membership, you can buy the products at a cheaper rate.

I like the fact it’s still based around physical products for this online business opportunity because lots of these network marketing companies focus on digital products and you’re just reselling the marketing system itself. This is not just on reselling the marketing system, this is on selling memberships to this discounted rate for the health products.

The way the business opportunity works, it’s an MLM Matrix style business opportunity where you earn commissions on your own front end sales of the membership, and after that you get multiple commissions passed up to you on the lower level. You make the most money from people who directly refer to the membership.

And then when those people go on to refer people and then their members go on to refer people, there’s a certain amount of pass up commissions that come to you in this Matrix style MLM conversation plan you’re doing. You’re not only benefiting from your own efforts, you’re benefiting from the efforts of people in your downline and your wider team.

It’s very much a team building hands on approach on training people, interacting with people, helping people get started and working together as a team.

LiveGood is an MLM business opportunity for matrix style compensation plan based around these health products and you’re selling the membership, the digital membership to the back office as the main product as an affiliate with these systems.

People who do well with them tend to be good at combining network marketing relationship building with the digital marketing traffic generation approach.

You’re going to need a marketing system built around this opportunity rather than just having to send people to the standard company website. The people who will do well of this will have their own unique marketing system with lead to capture pages and presale videos, list building, follow up email sequences all packaged into it with back end team training and webinars. They will do the best where they add their own touch, their own system and pages to the LiveGood business opportunity.

For me personally, I prefer to be dependent on just my own efforts for the commissions I get with digital marketing. So I prefer straight affiliate marketing, front end, first level commissions without relying on duplication in the down line and other people are better than me at training and doing the courses in the webinars.

I simply prefer to promote products that have the training, the support, everything sort of packaged into it from the vendor without me having to personally provide that myself. I simply like to rely on generating traffic, building an email list and getting clicks to these high quality offers.

I don’t like to be tied too much on promoting just one offer or just one opportunity just in faith in case things change in the marketplace. That’s slightly different to this more network marketing approach where you have one primary business opportunity you focus on and you need to be a bit more hands on in the relationship building via the emails, sometimes hopping on the phone or doing webinars.

That’s more the hands on relationship building of network marketing compared to the straight driving traffic approach of affiliate marketing.

However, a combination of the two is a good idea and that can be done with LiveGood.

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