The Modern Wealthy – Legit from Stuart Ross?

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Modern Wealthy Review

Modern Wealthy is based around building yourself as an authority brand in order to promote products on the internet.

And for most people, when you are starting out, you are not going to be an authority figure, you’re not going to have enough skills and knowledge, so it’s unlikely you’re going to be creating your own courses to sell when you get started.

Modern Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Approach

Therefore Modern Wealthy is more based around the affiliate marketing approach where you are still aiming to position yourself as an authority figure. In terms of that you can be trusted, you’ve done your research into the products, you know a little bit more than your leads and subscribers do, even though you’re not a complete expert.

And therefore you can use that trust and authority to promote affiliate products and to help boost conversions when you send traffic their way. And the Modern Wealthy gives you an introductory ebook and video training on just the overall basics of affiliate marketing and position yourself as an authority figure that people can trust and then they’re more likely to take your recommendations on affiliate products you promote.

It’s a very well rounded introduction to Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, building a presence on the internet and so it covers the main step by step process that you need to focus on.

The Modern Wealthy Marketing Systems

And they’re also very focused on marketing systems to put everything together. So in terms of how to get traffic, generate leads, convert, build trust and convert those leads into sales, the front end offer is only $37 and that’s for the introductory ebook and the training and you also get a free bonus call with one of their coaches and that’s all for $37.

OTOs and Upgrades with Modern Wealthy?

With these type of programs, there is a sales funnel on the back end, so there’s going to be higher priced, higher ticket products for more in depth training on how to put your system together, make it unique, branded to you, and they’re going to have upgrades and upsells on the back end.

And usually with these type of programs, there’s an affiliate program built into it so you could also turn around and resell the same products you purchased via the sales funnel as an affiliate yourself.

Modern Wealthy Affiliate Program

If you don’t have your own products and services to promote, you’re not active in other business opportunities. There’s often the chance you can actually promote Modern Wealthy itself as an affiliate once you’ve purchased the products as a customer with these free bonus call bonuses.

Normally that means it’s kind of a sales process as well because for $37 it’s not worth their time to give you extra free training just for $37. There’s going to be partly a sales process in that where you’ll be encouraged to invest more money and upgrade to the higher product price points for more in depth coaching and training.

The Modern Wealthy Coaching Call

That’s just to get a feel for you and whether you make a good fit for their higher ticket options. There’s likely to be some free value tips and help in that as well. But whenever there’s a free bonus call with ever any online business opportunity or products, it’s going to be part of a sales process as well.

So, all in all, I like what I see and the reviews are from real customers in the internet marketing world. They’re not fake stock images or anything like that, these are real people.

Who Is Modern Wealthy Stuart Ross?

And this guy Stuart Ross has a good reputation in the internet marketing world. He’s been doing this for many, many years. He’s had previous coaching courses and business opportunities. Six figure mentors has been a very popular one. I think that may still be going.

Modern Wealthy seems to be the same sort of approach on how to brand yourself on the Internet, promote offers by using a marketing system and it’s a fairly similar approach to what I do.

Traffic vs Branding?

What I focus on in digital marketing is the traffic. I don’t actually necessarily brand myself too much as an authority, I’m more focused on just getting traffic to affiliate offers without getting in the way too much myself.

I have discussed this sort of approach in my recent posts on E-Farming Challenge, 301K Challenge and LiveGood where I talk about the difference in MLM and affiliate marketing.

Doing YouTube videos like this does help build trust and increase conversions, but at the end of the day when you’re just getting started, you’re a beginner, you’re not an authority figure, but you can still make sales by getting lots of clicks to affiliate offers. That’s why I recommended focusing on that’s why I called my website Web Traffic Toolkit because the basics you need to focus on is getting traffic from lots of different sources on the internet, both free and paid marketing methods.

Getting that traffic to a squeeze page where people will enter in their email address being added to your email list, and they’ll be going through some sales funnel marketing systems or Redirected to high quality, high converting affiliate offers.

And then you’re just doing that same process day in, day out, getting clicks from your email list back to the same sales page you’re promoting. In addition to new first time clicks you’ll get from people subscribing to email list for the very first time.

And that process snowballs over time as you build a bigger email list. So even if you are not branding yourself or building particular trust or authority in the marketplace, if you’ve got a big email list and the ability to reach lots of people, you can get lots of clicks to affiliate offers on a regular basis and make sales that way, even without branding your name around what you’re doing.

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