Supreme Profit Systems Review – Yes or No?

Supreme Profit Systems Review – can you really make money with this compensation and affiliate program or a Supreme Profit Systems scam?

This review looks at the Supreme Profits Systems products, compensation plan, affiliate program, payment methods, customer testimonials, and more.

Welcome to my review of Supreme Profit Systems. This is a revamped online business opportunity with a new website and compensation plan. I’m Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I’ve been working in internet marketing for over 10 years. Let me provide you with an overview of Supreme Profit Systems.

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Supreme Profit Systems operates as one of those online business opportunities where you make two separate payments. The first payment goes to the sponsor who referred you to the system, and you pay them directly through various payment methods like Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or even checks. There’s also a second admin fee payment to the company itself, ranging from $350 to $450 on top of the product cost.

I’m not particularly fond of systems where sponsors receive payments directly because it involves setting up your own merchant account. I prefer using affiliate networks that handle refunds and pay me periodically.

I talk about other affiliate offers in my recent posts on E-Farming Profits, Virtual Money Masters, Scaling School and Cash Catalyst.

The Supreme Profit Systems website features testimonials from real people in the internet marketing world. These testimonials aren’t fake, but keep in mind they are affiliates of the system, so consider them when evaluating the reviews.

The unique aspect of Supreme Profit Systems is their use of phone sales agents. Instead of clicking an “add to cart” button, prospects are provided with a phone number to call. A business coach then talks to the prospect to try and close high-ticket sales, which can go up to $11,000. This approach aims to gain trust and authority to close these high-ticket sales.

The core of Supreme Profit Systems is reselling the same system to others, primarily for the substantial commissions it offers. The products range from $500 to $11,000, with additional value provided at each level. However, it seems that the primary motivation for purchasing the higher-priced products is to qualify for higher commissions, rather than the additional resources provided.

The compensation plan involves a one-time payment and an admin fee. You receive a lead capture page and various resources for marketing. The system’s focus is on internet marketing, such as buying solo ads, using provided resources, or sending traffic through postcards.

I appreciate the emphasis on traffic generation and list building, but I’m cautious about monetizing with direct sales business opportunities. It can be risky if the traffic doesn’t convert as expected. I prefer a more flexible approach to affiliate marketing, where you can switch out offers if they don’t perform well.