Why Unified Review – Dropshipping Scam or Legit?

My Why Unified Review looks at whether this dropshipping system really works or if it is a Why Unified scam to avoid.

Why Unified provides a “done for you” service that creates you your own ecommerce store using the dropshipping business model.

This is where you sell products on your website without needing any stock, and then you purchase the product at low cost from a dropshipping company to send directly to your customer only after you have been paid.

Why Unified offers to create your entire ecom sales funnel, run paid advertising campaigns for you, as well as to source the hottest products via a trusted dropshipping company.

Anyhow, let us dive into more details on this business model in my Why Unified Review.

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Why Unified Review

My Why Unified Review reveals this is a done-for-you drop shipping service where the company claims to do everything needed for your online e-commerce store, right from sourcing products to running ads and fulfilling orders. It’s one of these hands-off done-for-you e-commerce products that you purchase from a team doing all your work.

The Why Unified Business Model

The business model they use on Why Unified is Drop Shipping for Shopify stores. They have three different main product offerings. You can either just buy an advertising campaign for them, or you can buy sales funnels and then advertising to run to these sales funnels. You can also focus on Drop Shipping where they have brand name products loaded up into your own Shopify eCommerce store and they manage them and fulfill the orders. There are different offerings as part of Why Unified compared to other systems, which is pretty cool to see.

For other dropshipping services that use a similar business model, check out Ryze Automation, Dropship Breakthru and EarnFlo.

Review of Why Unified – The Different Services

I like the ads and sales funnel approach because I believe the value nowadays in promoting an e-commerce product is to focus on one really good product you’ve got at a really good price and build a sales funnel based around that one product to build an e-commerce store for that one product, rather than trying to create your own Amazon-type website with hundreds of products listed.

So, when you’ve got really good advertising campaign paired with a really good product on a simple sales funnel e-commerce website, and then you’ve got the low-cost product on the front end, you can capture an email to build that email list. You’ve got up sales and down sales and cross sales, repeat subscriptions.

Why Unified Sales Funnel Creation

When you’ve got a really good sales funnel dialed in like that, and a low-cost advertising campaign dialed in to get leads for that product, then you can really scale and you can get to the stage where you’re printing money, you’re flipping money. You’re spending a dollar on advertising and getting two dollars back on a really high converting e-commerce sales funnel.

That’s what I like the best with this service. It’s not the process of creating a Shopify store with lots of different products. It’s really honing in on one or two products and buying advertising to that as part of a sales funnel.

The one thing I’m not that keen on with these type of services is they are high ticket products and services that cost thousands of dollars, and it will require you to spend lots and lots of money up front before you see any results.

It could take quite a bit of time to break even. So, I don’t like spending thousands of dollars up front, especially when someone else is doing all the work and where there’s nothing I can do to impact whether it works or not.

Why Unified Review Summary – Big Upfront Investment

With my online businesses, I prefer to invest small amounts steadily over time and do lots of manual work and do free marketing and free strategies to get some profit coming in. Then, I can steadily reinvest that profit back into the business and scale and grow over time. Because then, you’ll see your investments are only coming from your profit you’ve already made, so you’re not losing money if it doesn’t work.

You’re just putting profit you’ve made back into the business and then you can grow the amount you reinvest over time as it becomes more successful. I prefer growing in that steady way rather than suddenly being thousands of dollars out of pocket, which could be a bit of stress and anxiety associated with that, trying to recover it.

So, that’s why I’m not keen on these type of systems, especially when they’re high ticket. I do believe they can work and I do believe they can be successful, but it’s just a matter of how you approach it.

So, if you’re comfortable spending thousands of dollars up front and you’re comfortable with that level of risk, then these types of systems could be a good fit for you. But if you’re not comfortable with that level of risk, then it might be worth considering other options.

Overall, it’s important to be cautious when considering a service like Why Unified and to carefully consider your own business goals and approach before making a decision.

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