EarnFlo – Real Automated Amazon Stores?

EarnFlo is a service that creates “done for you” automated Amazon stores for you.

As the ecom store owner, you do not need to do much to manage things as EarnFlo does most of it at their end.

In this review of EarnFlo we can highlight the unique aspect of this service is how the tap into automated API feeds and use Artificial Intelligence to optimize your ecommerce store for maximum profit margins.

But is all of this legit or is it a scam?

It appears real, as there are a good number of real customer EarnFlo reviews on the website. And they have a good amount of transparency on there too.

However, it is a high ticket investment costing thousands of dollars so there is risk in that. So it will not be for everyone.

Let us dive in further as part of this EarnFlo review.

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EarnFlo Review

In this EarnFlo Review we can reveal that this is another one of those automated Amazon E-Commerce store services.

This is where it is completely “done for you”.

The EarnFlo.co team set up everything for you and the main thing you need to do is just invest in your own e-commerce store.

There’s lots of these different “done for you” Amazon automated website services up and running now. They all look quite similar so I’m just going to go through what I think of this business model in general and take a quick look at the EarnFlo sales page and what it’s all about.

EarnFlo also makes use of other retailer such as Walmart and eBay.

Walmart looks quite a promising one because they are recently diving into the Drop Shipping e-commerce business model.

They could potentially become a challenger to Amazon for the Drop Shipping style fulfillment programs.

Therefore it’s good to see EarnFlo integrating Walmart as well.

EarnFlo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whilst I’m not keen on automated Amazon stores in general with services such as Why Unified and Dropship Breakthru, do like the EarnFlo Q&A section, because it’s very transparent and upfront.

EarnFlo state that it is not 100% hands-free. You are going to have to set up a company and get your wholesaler account approved first and there’s going to be a bit of maintenance needed to keep an eye on things.

It is good they’re being honest about that and they’re open and transparent about the risks.

Sometimes people can get their account shut down if they’re not completely above board with all the terms and conditions and some people can get caught out.

They’re honest about these risks and they have realistic expectations in terms of the profit potential with the service.

EarnFlo are saying it could take a year or so to really start generating a profit with your e-commerce store and they don’t make any income claims or promises.

EarnFlo Review – The Cost

In this EarnFlow Review we can reveal that it is a high ticket automated Amazon store creation service, costing thousands of dollars.

I don’t usually like the look of Amazon automated store services because they cost thousands of dollars up front just to get them set up.

And then you’re going to spend quite a few months to try and break even from that spend.

It could be a year or so before you even break even. I would find that stressful to part with that much money up front and then worry about whether I will ever break even.

Your results on that investment are completely dependent on who you’re investing with and there’s not that much you can do to make a success of it.

The situation is out of your hands and it’s all down to how much you trust the EarnFlo team to do a good job for you.

EarnFlo Strategy Session Funnel

The sales funnel for this EarnFlo service is a strategy session approach.

Other products I have looked at recently such as GiveThisAShot.com, Royalty Hero and Grant Cardone Licensee Program also use this strategy session approach.

After getting the basic overview information on the sales page, you are invited to book a strategy session.

The EarnFlo strategy session is booked through a typeform.com questionnaire, where you can book a call and a sales agent will contact you to see if you make a good fit for working with them or not.

At the end of it, if you are a good fit you will likely be invited to purchase an EarnFlo Amazon website and be a customer.

With most of these programs they are high ticket products costing ten tens of thousands of dollars and the way the company earns their money is they take a cut from your profits you make.

Sometimes they can actually take quite a high cut of 30% or so and that’s how they end up earning their profits.

It’s low risk for EarnFlo because the investment into the inventory and the website and the risk taking is all done by you the customer.

They get the upfront money from that and then they also get any profit that comes through.

It’s quite a low risk approach for them and a more higher risk approach for the customer, especially when you’re departing with lots of money up front.

Summary of EarnFlo Review

In summary of this EarnFlo review, with these Amazon automated services some people will probably do well and others will not. But it is out of your hands once the investment is made as you are relying on the service to do it all for you.

It it all depends on how much you trust the EarnFlo service.

I do like the look of what I am seeing on EarnFlo website and it does seem to be a bit different from other services.

They seem to have more experience and a better track record and more honesty and transparency to other competing offers.

However, my personal approach to digital marketing and investing in online businesses is that I prefer to make my investmentsĀ  from business profits I have already generated.

Then if it doesn’t work out or it takes a while to get the investment back then there’s no stress & anxiety because it is not money coming out of my own pocket, but rather taken out of existing profit I have generated already.

And then if the investment works, you generate more profit and then you’ll have more to reinvest.

Therefore I prefer to steadily scale and build over time by reinvesting profit and building up that way, rather than having a big expenditure right at the beginning and then struggling for a couple of months or a year to claw that back.

In any case, thanks for taking a look at my review of EarnFlo.

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