Class With Jeff Review – Is Legit?

In this review of Class With Jeff we will look at the sales process used as part of the system.

Class With Jeff products, compensation plan, and overall business opportunity are also looked at.

I am not promoting the Class With Jeff ENTRE Blueprint program by Jeff Lerner within this blog post, but I have been doing digital marketing from home for 10 years so I have a good bit of experience of analyzing the various systems out there.

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Class With Jeff Review – ENTRE Blueprint

Class With Jeff (at the domain) is selling a product called the ENTRE Blueprint.

This consists of a number of digital products that provide training on the subjects of online business, finance, and personal development.

The training also goes through a different number of online business models, including the one that Class With Jeff believes to be the most profitable.

In additional to the training, members are allocated a 1-on-1 personal business advisor.

With many other business opportunities out there that advertise a “business coach”, members have discovered that these coaches are more like sales reps trying to get you to upgrade to more expensive product packages.

So whilst there may be some help and training from these coaches, it is worth bearing in mind that they also have an incentive to get you to buy more stuff from them.

There is then the ENTRE Blueprint Community as an additional bonus where members can learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and get encouragement from the progress of one another. I talk more about this in my Jeff Lerner Review. Review – The Business Opportunity

In this Class With Jeff .com review it is also worth pointing out that there is a business opportunity attached to these training products.

Class With Jeff gives customers the option to become an affiliate of the program so that they could potentially earn commissions by promoting the Class With Jeff ENTRE Institute Product Suite.

These products are sold via the same sales process and backend funnel that members will have gone through themselves when they initially joined.

After the initial low ticket front end product ($7 trial or $39 one-time), the customer is presented with a range of different upgrade options for more advanced training at incrementally increasing price points.

If you were to go “all in” and buy all the products as part of the sales funnel then it would cost thousands of dollars.

And therefore affiliates whom go onto promote the same products afterwards would have the potential to generate thousands of dollars in high ticket commissions if they were actually able to generate any sales.

The higher price points in the product seem to result in more in-depth training modules and a more 1-on-1 personal approach to business mentorship.

Class With Jeff .com Sales Page and Testimonials

Class With Jeff testimonials are shown as part of the sales video presentation, and these are real people in the home based business world and are thankfully not paid actors like other website out there like Big Money Connection, Secret Millionaire Bot, Capture Your Wealth and The Last System offers.

However, it is not clear whether the Class With Jeff testimonials are reporting success with the ENTRE Blueprint system itself or from other similar business models in general.

There are also a few “hard selling” techniques used on the sales page and checkout such as countdown timers and limited-time discounts for trial offers etc.

But it is good to see that the video presentation is delivered by a real person and not a paid voice over artist so there is a nice personal touch to it there.

Class With Jeff Review Summary – Worth A Try?

In my Class With Jeff review summary I shall say that I am not a member of this program and I am not promoting it.

That is because I am not a fan of these high ticket programs where you have to spend thousands of dollars to buy all the various different levels, and then on top of that it can require a large expense of buying advertising to start advertising online.

Class With Jeff Lerner has a range of different training products on the subject of internet marketing, online business and personal development etc.

So it does sound like they have packed in quite a lot of value to the initial $7 trial or low ticket $39 product offerings.

However, in general, I am not sure that spending thousands of dollars on online business training is the best way for a newbie to get started.

As then there is a bit of a rush and panic to try and make sales as quickly as possible to try and recoup the investment.

Where as, the online business world is something you should enjoy learning and progressing with in a consistent manner over time without being too emotionally attached to needing immediate sales.

But if the training and coaching can be applied to other business models and to promote other products (without the need to just resell the same program you just purchased) then there is much more value in than with other business opportunities that are focused on just promoting the same company itself.

And it does seem that Class With Jeff does make the effort to introduce you to other, outside business models that may be a better fit for some people which is good to see.

I hope my quick ramblings on Class With Jeff .com were of some sort of help!

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