Rapid Traffic Paydayz Review – Yes or No?

My Rapid Traffic Paydayz Review reveals how this is a traffic exchange system.

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Rapid Traffic Paydayz let’s you promote your links to other buyers of the Rapid Traffic Paydayz WarriorPlus launch.

So you are getting buyers traffic, which is very cool.

When you submit an ad, it will be displayed inside the members area of Rapid Traffic Paydayz.

And people will be clicking these ads in order to get credits so they can get traffic to their own ads!

And that is how YOU get credits in order to post your own ads….by clicking the ads of others!

In this Rapid Traffic Paydayz review it is worth pointing out that this is incentivized traffic. The response from these clickers will be low, because they are only clicking to get credits for their own ads rather than being interested in what you are promoting.

However, if you manage to capture subscribers via a squeeze page then you can email them products and service at a later date that they may well be interested in when not in the “clicking for credits” mindset.

Overall, Rapid Traffic Paydayz looks like an interesting traffic exchange style offering.

Thanks for stopping by my review of Rapid Traffic Paydayz.

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